Episode #0150

First Aired: 1997
Contestants: Christopher, Lee Anne, Avie
Theme/Costume: No
First Round Results: Christopher $100, Lee Anne $150, Avie $750
Second Round Results: Lee Anne $150, Avie $1150
Best of 10: Avie 7, Ben 7 (a correction during the credits stated that Avie actually won)
Ben defends: $0
Avie wins: $5000


Executive Producer: Andrew J. Golder
Executive Producers: Al Burton, Byron Glore
Directed by: Dennis Rosenblatt
Producer: Terrence McDonnell
Production Designer: Jimmy Cuomo
Announcer: Jimmy Kimmel
Developed for Television by: Andrew J. Golder, Byron Glore, Donnie Brainard, Al Burton
Some Materials Provided by: Facts On File Publishers, Inc.
Executive in Charge of Production: Dessa Kaye