Episode #5048

First Aired: July 12, 2001
Contestants: James, Lynn, Terry
Theme/Costume: Film Noir, Ben as a private detective, Nancy as the dame
First Round Results: James $250, Lynn $100, Terry $400
Second Round Results: James $250, Terry $400
Best of 10: Ben 7, Terry 7
Ben defends: $3600
Terry wins: $1400


Executive Producer: Andrew J. Golder
Executive Producers: Al Burton, Byron Glore
Co-Executive Producer: Terrence McDonnell
Directed by: Dennis Rosenblatt
Co-Host: Nancy M. Pimental
Coordinating Producer: Kelly Mooney
Writers: Phil Andres, Patricia Cotter, Ryan Hopak, Gary Stuart Kaplan, Gary Lucy, Bob Stone
Segment Producer: Steve Melcher
Production Designer: Jimmy Cuomo
Lighting Designer: John Conti
Talent Executive: Harv Selsby
Associate Producers: Kaz Kim, Sandra C. Ruckdeschel
Associate Director: Jim Tanker
Post Production Supervisor: Lisa Maureen Silver
Production Manager: Robert Willrich
Booth Coordinator: Sheri Goldstein
Script Supervisor: Melissa Goldstein
Script Coordinator: Michelle Willrich
Head Researcher: Cherie Buchheim
Researchers: Laura Brew, Robin Haislip, Michael Klein, Mark Kristula, Tara Seiner, Christine Seghers
Production Coordinator: Kris Selvidge
Contestant Coordinators: Leyna Gravitt, Chris Perkins, Brian Streeper
Script P.A.: Jason Gill
Production Accountant: Sean C. Alvarez
Assistant Accountant: Timothy "T-Dub" Winteringham
Production Staff: Lionel Chavez, Peter Kahn, Adrianne C. Kaylor
Lighting Designer: Darrin Norwall
Technical Director: Erv Hurd
Stage Managers: Bill "Bones" Vosburgh
Audio Mixers: Christopher Banninger, Craig Plachy
Video Control: Andy Dickerman
Cameras: Joe Coppola, DJ Diomedies, Joe Epperson, Ed Horton, Bruce Oldham, Jillayne Pautsch, Jim Rohrig, David Weeks
Prop Master: Chris Pappas
Videotape: Liza Tan
Technical/Stage Support: Ken Booth, Eric Bowers, Frank Cavastani, Trevor Dossen, Doug Decker, Dean Frizzell, Rob Hume, Mike Leaf, Tito Vasquez
Videotape Editor: Craig Price
Cue Cards: Cards R' Us Productions
Make-Up/Hair: Kimberly L. Ayers, Suzi Pannenbacker
Wardrobe: Karen Mann, Tracy Redwood
Developed for Television by: Andrew J. Golder, Byron Glore, Donnie Brainard, Al Burton
Executive in Charge of Production: Meredith Fox