Episode #6003

First Aired: March 27, 2002
Contestants: Gary, Marlo, Mike
Theme/Costume: Jimmy Kimmel and his daughter co-host
First Round Results: Gary $200, Marlo $50, Mike $450
Second Round Results: Gary $200, Mike $450
Best of 10: Mike 2, Ben 8
Ben defends: $4550
Mike wins: $450


Executive Producer: Andrew J. Golder
Executive Producers: Al Burton, Byron Glore
Co-Executive Producer: Terrence McDonnell
Supervising Producer: Meredith Fox
Directed by: Dennis Rosenblatt
Co-Hosts: Jimmy Kimmel, Katie Kimmel
Production Designer: Jimmy Cuomo
Developed for Television by: Andrew J. Golder, Byron Glore, Donnie Brainard, Al Burton